Alternating more than 2 table row background colors in Swift

I recently wanted to do a table view for a contract iOS project where the colors scaled up from a light color to a dark color and then back down to the light color. Over about 6 different shades and then down, for a "rolling color" effect.

I found this nifty feature in Swift that lets me do a modulo operation on an array of hex values stored in an array and set the table row color according to the result.

First, I set up my array of colors, light to dark and then back to light:

let ROWCOLORS:[String] = ["#FFF8E1", "#FFECB3", "#FFE082", "#FFD54F", "#FFCA28", "#FFC107", "#FFB300", "#FFC107", "#FFCA28", "#FFD54F", "#FFE082", "#FFECB3", "#FFF8E1"]

Then, in my cellForRowAtIndexPath method, I can use this:

for rowcheck in 1..<11
if (indexPath.row % rowcheck == 0)
cell.backgroundColor = UIColor(rgba:ROWCOLORS[rowcheck+1])

Note the 1..<11 notation. This is a cool way to run through a range of numbers without resorting to a case statement or a bunch of if..thens.